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As of today I will no longer be posting here, me and all my posts have moved to raincitybadger.com

So come and read me there.!

This Sucks, A Man His Tumors & His Cat


    I have been fighting the cancer in my spine for years now, while I have had multiple surgeries, fight with chronic and acute pain, I have leaned to basically live with it. Like some creepy Uncle who will not leave and gnaws on your spine.  That was until recently when after a bout of pissing out my chocolate starfish 12 times a day, which at times looked like a Caesar with too much Worcestershire sauce lead me to a colonoscopy. Said fracking of my poop shoot revealed a tumor in my colon. Not a big one mind you but cancer all the same.


So the doc removed most of it via scope and the oncologist decided to go nuclear on my innards with a strong chemo. So three weeks in I am loosing weight, yes still fat because I am bloated like a three month old floater in the East River because of the steroids. The neuropathy makes it feel a lot of the time like some asshole toddler finished my floor in legos.  Add in puking, night sweats, and various other transient side effects and my life is a wee bit less Badgerish.

All the above is nothing compared to going through this alone, my family is all gone, most of my support system lives in EST and I am not able to work at all. So simple tasks like cooking food is not happening. Most people going through this have someone to help. I have a cat, who as we know lacks thumbs. This omission by nature make her unable to flip a omelet.  I am not whining I have some great friends who do what they can for me, but they also have their own lives and I cannot expect them to nurse me.

I remember when my late wife was going through her fight with runaway cells and I almost forgot how much work I had to do for her. Yes she was much, much sicker than I am now. I attempt to manage this stress with my usual humor and yes moaning, Chub Chub likes having me in bed 15 hours a day, and I get to annoy the hell out of my Republican friends on Facebook. Still what I would give to have family right at this moment.

I finished my first round this past Friday and I have two weeks off to recover and gain some human existence again until it starts all over again. We are hoping that I will only need one more round and will have another MRI and Anal Probe after the next round, along with the never ending blood tests.

What I have learned in the past three weeks:

    1. There is no limit to what can come out of your butt.
    2. I do not care what toilet paper you buy after the 15th shit of the day it is 7 grit sandpaper.

  1. Being the most tired you have ever been & not being able to sleep are “Not” mutually exclusive.
  2. Being poor and being sick, really, really fucking sucks, even if you are home most of the time.
  3. Cats make great head warmers.
  4. People freakout when you puke on the bus / subway / ferry.
  5. I am Lindsey Lohan high more than I am not and that is okay
  6. I crave ramen and cinnamon rolls a lot!
  7. I love the heat from the wood fired oven on Gabriola Island.IMAG0979_1
  8. Even sick I can step up and make one hell of a Thanksgiving Turkey.

Thank you all for your kind words and support it means more to me than you may ever know.

Die You Horrible STD of Trends Die! (a public service announcement)



Trends are like sexually transmitted diseases some come and are treated easily like Crabs and only you know about it while shamefully purging your neither regions, walls and closets of them. Others are like Herpes, a lot of people have it, few talk about it, when they are suffering a trend outbreak hide it with coverup or make some other excuse, like it is only a Cold Sore or I always liked Owls.

Some fester like syphilis in the corner only lit by the light of yet another fucking Edison Bulb to appear over and over again making it’s way through our culture till it is a mutated shell of it’s former hideous self. I would put two things in this category, the above mentioned Edison Bulb which is everywhere now, the last restaurant/bar trend which exploded so virulently and horrifically had to be the non Irish, Irish Pub. There is no worse trend clap worse than that, until every fucking new bar, lounge, coffee shop, etc, etc had some fucking array of Edison Bulbs casting their warmish golden palor upon hipsters then trendsters and bitchanistas.  Soon there were Golden filaments lighting a fucking picture of yes you guessed it a fucking Owl!!!

download (14)

Mildly Glowing Orbs From Hell!

These are the physically spread social trend diseases, but they usually do not travel alone, oh no. They infect in swarms. Their helper trend viruses and parasites are airborne and also appear to infect print and copy. These would be two of the worst offenders and ones which seem to have no cure in sight. They are ultamatly fatal and untreatable. they are “Bespoke” & “Artisanal”!  ( Sometimes they are disguised as, Local, Free Range, and Small Batch but do not be fooled!) ! Oh you can just feel the horror in reading them or speaking their names as that is how they are spread. They are often carried by a specific host, the most common and easily killed his the hipster small business owner. You can avoid their bullshit by mocking them, often and openly. Then there is the most dangerous host of all. The Marketing Professional ( which sometimes is a hipster douchebag or just feeds them like a tapeworm)  Who now will attach these disease trend words to anything they want to charge a insane markup on, like these white cotton tee-shirts I saw which were $120 for 3 (Yes you read that correctly) Because not only were they “Bespoke” they were also “Artisanal” ! Fucking just go all Dr. Kevorkian on my ass right now.

FUCK YOU! Seriously Go Fucking Die!!

FUCK YOU! Seriously Go Fucking Die!!

Mocking is the Only Treatment

Mocking is the Only Treatment



One way of catching these illnesses may be from attending a Burlesque Show, or a Knitting Circle, but we are not entirely sure so the CDC is investigating. So please be careful out there and make sure to not touch or have sex with your barista/writer/artist and for fuck’s sake wash your fixie bike’s seat!!

“Tomatoes, Handcuffs & Prisons Dirty Little Secret”

The U.S. Prison system’s dirty little secret is it’s connection to providing cheap labour for private industry. For years prisons used inmate labour, on prison farms, and prison industries like making officer furniture and school desks for the states the reside in. While it is acceptable and encouraged for inmates to hold jobs and providing affordable products for use by the state, soon and quietly the scope of these industries have changed.


One state in particular has in the last 15 years become harsher in it’s penal system, Arizona. The state of Arizona declared war on crime and one county and one Sheriff in particular have become famous for it’s treatment and prosecution of crime. Maricopa County and the self declared toughest Sheriff in the Country,
Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Joe is currently under investigation by the US Justice Dept. for corruption.

Sheriff Joe along with the Governor of Arizona both helped pass the toughest and most questionable immigration policy in the US this spring, what is just coming to light is that law was also financially supported by the private prison industry. It seems that Arizona wants as many people as possible in it’s public and private prisons.

images (8)

Here is where it gets very dark, and the story that few are talking about. The other night while on the phone with my friend John in NY, we browsing the Arizona State Prison website, looking at inmate photos, crimes and sentences. The ADC website also lists where the inmates are working in the prison and how much they are making per hour. It is well established that inmates make very little, between .15 & .50 a hour working various labour jobs within the prison. So while searching we found a job called “EuroFresh”. we were both curious to what that job could be, so we hit the Google and guess what we found?

images (9)

“EuroFresh”  is a commercial Tomato Farm, providing tomatoes to the retail and commercial food industry. Their website says nothing about prison labour. We also found another job called “Hickman Eggs”, well good old “Hickman Family Farms” website is full of family farm focused marketing, ecards about eggs, and videos of what a family operation it is, but they fail to mention they use hundreds of inmates as labour.

It is of no surprise that the State of Arizona does  not want migrant Mexican workers in it’s agro industry when they are profiting of inmates. \why pay a migrant worker 4.00 a hour when they can pay a inmate .40 a hour?

Is the State of Arizona and others providing private business with cheap labour when unemployment is at 10%? Are Judges and prosecutors sending people to prison for small non violent offences in order to supply private agro industry with a cheap never ending supply of workers?

The largest employer in the United States is the Prison System, providing millions of workers, producing profit for large corporations. In my opinion this is creating a secret slave labour state and could implicate states in human trafficking. So next time you buy eggs or tomatos or god knows what, it just might be produced by some guy or girl who got caught with a bong.

44 a Nigger By Every Other Name

download (12)

Yes I used the “N” word in the title of this post, I know it is offensive, I know no white man should utter this ugly, ugly word. Still it is being uttered every day on television, on the radio and on the web, but not in ways you may think.  In 2009 Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States, that day was emotional for me, I cried, I hugged strangers. This was because by electing the first African American President I hopped that the US had moved past it’s long racist history. I was also glad Bush/Cheney were gone.  But Oh How I Was Wrong!

images (6)

Since Obama took office the level of pure racism has exploded in the US, this may be because ignorant twat waffles have computers now, but that is only part of it. The Right Wing and by that I mean the Tea Party fucks and Libertarian tin foil hat crowd were so taken aback that a black man was the POTUS  they wanted to scream from the hilltop at their all white country clubs. The problem was that they could not use the “N” word publicly. So they pounced on “Arab Phobia” and called him a Muslim, whey they really meant Nigger, they call him a socialist when they really want to say N&*%#r, They say he was not born in  the US when they really want to say, well you got the idea I do not have to type it again as it makes me sick.


They can attempt to hide behind any political  dogma they want but the truth is no other POTUS has been as personally attacked as Obama, none.  They are even willing to bankrupt and destroy the country to break the black man’s spirit. Call it a legislative whipping post if you will.  Go read the comments on Conservative blogs and Facebook pages if you can stomach it, the internet does not need a white hood, just a avatar.

images (5)

If you are one of my conservative friends, I know you are not a racist or you hide it pretty damn well, so it is up to you to not keep your mouth shut about this and call it for what it is. All that takes is a little intellectual honesty and the understanding that it has only been three Grandmas since we freed the slaves, so yes he does get a little room on this.

Hell just look at the tweets about a Indian woman who won Miss America,  a good part of the US is letting it’s racist flag fly high in ways I personally thought we were past.  The GOP is changing voter laws to make it tougher for minorities to vote, harking back to Jim Crow laws.  The GOP is attacking the poor on a level I have never personally witnessed before.

America needs to take a hard sober look at itself and see how it is either gone backwards or actually never moved that far in the first place and the open racists just feel embolden by the safe harbour of Fox News, and other Conservative news and media outlets. (When researching this trust me it was not hard to find stuff and images to post and that is really sad)

I am sorry I used that ugly word, but unless you read it, see it and taste it’s ugly horrible bitterness you might just not see the truth.

“Prison Inc.” Crime, Punishment & Big Business


Prisons have always been a place for punishment, justice and for many rehabilitation, but recently they have quietly morphed into a state sanctioned stable of cheap confined labour.

The lines have quietly blurred in the United States surrounding the use of inmates for labour. For decades the state and federal prison system used inmate labour to produce food, and products for the state. These prison industries were well known and socially accepted, people had few quibbles about convicted felons making license plates or desks for schools, as this was seen as a way to, allow the state to produce items that the state and municipalities within the state to procure reasonably priced products. This was also seen as something of rehabilitation and a way to teach trades to inmates who eventually would return to society. Also federal law prohibits state prisons selling products outside of their respective state.


Maine As A Model of Prison Industry and Inmate Labour

Take Maine for instance, Maine is a small state with a small prison population, yet they run a large Prison Industry. Inmates in Maine Department of Corrections make a insane variety of goods for sale ranging from Furniture some of which is actually beautiful, to Ship Models and Bird Feeders. Hell they even make clothing like these “Property of Shawshank” Tees.  Maine’s DOC manufacturing allows inmates to pay of their debt to the state and victims by working at a higher wage than most inmates in other states. The Maine DOC program is profitable averaging 1.5 Million a annually and is often referred to as unique to the country. This kind of prison labour is hard to argue against and not only provides a outlet for inmates to pay their debt but also learn a trade and have the self esteem that comes from working a honest job. Maine is the exception, as the truth and trends in prison labour gets much darker and weaves a greasy graft filled stink in the nation’s criminal justice system. This dark exploitive trade in humans run through some of the highest place in government and corporate board rooms across the US.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


“Dealing In Humans” Lobbying & Legislation Inmate Labour

In 1984 the US passed the Comprehensive Crime Control Act, touted as “Getting Tough on Crime” from then POTUS Lord Regan, the CCCA  opened the door to basically use inmates as cheap labour for private industry . Soon mandatory minimum laws were being passed nation wide and the population of prisoners exploded. As more and more non violent offenders were sentenced to mandatory minimum terms in the poky companies began to see a way to exploit these laws for their profits and create a shadow slave trade that was not only legal but wrapped up in a nice tough on crime package that Americans who had grown tired of the insane crime rate of the 70′s and early 80′s would never second guess.

images (4)

Interestingly the same year  Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) got it’s first contracts to run both Federal and State detention centers. CCA was founded a year earlier as a corporation and the planning started years before and was helped by the Comprehensive Crime Control Act. This was not dumb luck.

CCA was founded by Tom Beasley, Doctor Robert Crants and T. Don Hutto. Tom Beasley is the former chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party, he even once lived in the then Gov of Tennessee’s home. Now Dr. Robert Crants who was Beasley’s college roommate but that is not the weird part. He is not a doctor, not a MD or PHD, his first name is “Doctor”. His mother was poor and afraid of her son’s future so named him Doctor. What kind of woman would do that? And what kind of man would embrace that name and use it for personal gains? Well a man who has no problem dealing in humans as cattle that is who.


CCA today is one of the nations fastest growing companies and is traded on NYSE it now houses almost 90,000 inmates and has used it’s power to lobby state and federal politicians and mostly the GOP to change old laws and make new laws which will lead to more incarcerations of non violent offenders as to create cheap labour for it’s expansion and contracts to run correctional facilities. It also benefits from the increase in inmate population by having more people to pay an average of 32 cents to manufacture goods and contract to other privately own and publicly traded companies. Because why pay free employees min wage when you can use a captive slave labour.

CCA markets inmates like some 20th century slave auction to companies looking to lower labour costs, one of these companies are Walmart.

Wal-Mart uses ALEC’s Prison Industries Act. Under federal legislation, private companies have access to prisoners as a workforce. Thousands of products are made for consumers; from produce to aftermarket auto parts, the list is endless. This allows companies to attach labels reading “Made in USA.” Wal-Mart has tried to hide their use of prison labor for more than two decades by using sub-contractors and cut-outs.

Since 1991, Wal-Mart has been buying produce from a corporation out of Arizona, Martori Farms.

A recent Huffington Post article clearly documents how Martori Farms has been using female prisoners from Arizona’s state prisons as farm workers – for the past 20 years.

“Martori Farms pays its imprisoned laborers two dollars per hour, not including the travel time to and from the farm.” Women from the Arizona state prison complex at Perryville Unit are assigned to work at Martori Farms … These women are “forced” to labor long hours in the blazing sun sometimes without sunscreen, water or adequate food …”

This policy, and the conditions and involvement of Wal-Mart in this kind of slave labor operation is reprehensible and should be criminal. Criminal in that Wal-Mart helped write the laws allowing this kind of exploitation possible. They helped ALEC pass legislation now being used in states that are turning to prisoners to solve labor shortages stemming from the Right to Work and immigration laws. They’ve created a new form of legalized slavery in the U.S.

In several states, such as Georgia, Alabama, Colorado, and Washigton, use prisoners to replace workers.

In Arizona, Lbj Farms uses male inmates to harvest watermelons and perform other farm chores.  Again, inmates working for Lbj are paid $2.00 per hour.

This is so shocking, that U.S. farmers and Wal-Mart would take advantage of prisoners, especially women, and do it in such a clearly abusive manner by forcing them to work under “slave-like” conditions.

Worse yet, both Martori and Lbj are recipients of federal subsidies. ($7,136,972 to Martori and $558,543 to Lbj Farms).

In 2005, Wal-Mart was taking advantage of a different kind of prison labor – using prisoners in place of private sector workers in Wisconsin as they built a huge distribution center in Beaver Dam.


Fear of Brown People and other  Asshattery  to Partake in Legal Human Trafficking

prison pic

Laws from Arizona’s controversial “Papers Please” law to newer tougher sentencing for weed and other non violent crime  are almost exclusively financed by the private prison industry. CCA spent millions in Arizona and other states which they have facilities and contracts in to expand more aggressive sentencing. These laws have little or nothing to do with Immigration and have everything to do with cheap, controlled and exploited prison labour. Hell why pay a migrant worker or High School drop out minimum wage when you can pay an inmate 34 cents a hour?  CCA operates 6 private prisons in Arizona alone, and other states like Alabama, Louisiana and others which are passing new immigration laws and stricter sentencing by Republican Tebagger elected officials who open their pockets to these slave traders.

The Private prison industry made over  $9 Billion dollars last year alone, shareholders got rich, politicians got elected and humans were incarcerated for their profits and bottom line.  This is the most disgusting side of Capitalism run amok and un checked. This is part of fallout of the Citizen’s united case, this is slavery and destruction of human lives with record profits. These companies have no problems destroying the lives of people who are marginalized so they can buy another faction home.

Slavery is alive and well folks, it is wrapped up nice and pretty and washed with lies about crime and punishment.



Google Chromebook a Review of My Acer C-7

  Three days ago I received a Acer C-7 Chromebook as a much needed Birthday gift as my laptop was dying. Many of you have either never heard of Chromebook, or thought meh it is not a real computer, but like many of us life on the web and cloud does justify and validate these efficient and affordable laptops.  


 WTF is a Chromebook?

  Chromebook is a laptop and now desktops which run on Google’s Chrome OS. Chrome OS is a browser based OS which uses chrome to run web apps, and surf the net. So every app runs within the chrome browser. This means a few things;

  • To fully take advantage of a chromebook it must be connected to the internet.
  • Chromebook leverage’s Google services like, Docs, Gmail, Google + and more.
  • Built for the Cloud.
  • Thousands of Free Apps in the Chrome Store


What Chromebook is Not!

  • It is not a powerhouse graphics machine like a Macbook Pro.
  • Not a gaming machine.
  • Not a device if you do not use any google products.

My Experience So Far?


Utlrabooks are the trend in laptops, these ultra-thin, ultra-light computers are easy to carry have better battery life than traditional laptops. So think of the chromebook as a ultrabook alternative.   It is fast, very fast, as there are no other things it needs to do but run the browser, so all the CPU power goes to power one service basically. I was amazed at the quick boot time as the Acer has a 320 gig HHD unlike the 5 second boot of the small 16 gig Samsung SSD. I also chose the acer because the drive can be upgraded if I choose to a SSD or larger HHD, also the Acer will be able to upgrade from the installed 4 gigs of RAM to a whopping 16gigs if I wanted to. So this is only as slow as your internet connection speed. 

  Setup was as easy as opening the lid which turns it on and logging into your google account. When you buy a Chromebook now you get 2 years of 100 gig google drive storage, which is a $170 savings if you are already using the cloud. The screen on the Acer is also nicer than the Samsung IMHO, it is glossy as compared to the matte screen on the Sammy, but it is also more vibrant. 

  It took me all of one hour to learn the OS which says a lot, there is almost no transition hangover, if you use chrome on your own computer then you know what you are doing. It immediately synced with my other computer’s chrome and updated all my bookmarks, passwords and everything. So far I am not missing anything from my traditional laptop except “Skype” which does not run on chrome as Microsoft has not made a Web based version yet. But I am sure that will come. I will use skype on my phone instead so no big loss. 

Should I Get a Chromebook?

Yes, simply yes, if you use google services like google apps and spend most of your time in a web based environment than you will miss nothing. If you are a graphic designer or hardcore gamer than not so much. Chromebook will work for 75% of the people who use a laptop and that is great considering they start at just over $230. 

But I Use Photoshop and MS Office, what will I do?

Most of use are not professional photogs and Google Chrome Store offers great free alternatives to these, Pixlr Editor is almost Photoshop or you can say Photoshop for the rest of us and Google Docs is great. 

Ubuntu Bitches!!

The Acer C-7 will also duel boot into Ubuntu if you need the full monty PC experiences which removes any of the shortcomings of Chrome OS. And the setup is easy. Just checkout Crobutu

Acer Chromebook Specs:

  • 11.6’’ (1366×768) display
  • 1 inch thin – 3 lbs / 1.4 kg
  • Up to 4 hours of battery1
  • Dual-core Intel® Celeron® Processor
  • 2 gigs RAM
  • 100 GB Google Drive Cloud Storage2 with 320 GB Hard Disk Drive
  • Dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and 10/100/Gigabit Ethernet
  • HD Camera
  • 3x USB 2.0
  • 1x HDMI Port, 1x VGA port
  • 2-in-1 memory card slot (SD, MMC)





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